The Dilemma of the Seeker

The Seekers Dilemma

The following is a list of dilemmas the seeker faces on the path to understanding.  From the initial standpoint it appears as a labyrinth of conflicts that need to somehow be resolved in series or on an individual basis but in truth there is only one simultaneous answer to all dilemmas and that is understanding.   So what was once a 'mountain to climb' is then a plateau to stand on...

 Understanding in this context is:

 'understanding the personal dilemma... from the simultaneous standpoint of impersonal being'

NOTE: The 'personal dilemma' is realized - from the standpoint of detached awareness - that somehow our impersonal witnessing 'aware being' has become associated with this separate personal life... and we have no choice in the matter... nor do we have a 'problem' with that.   But it's still a dilemma... but a workable one.  It's a dilemma because we are somehow responsible for this 'personal' life and obligated to go along with it... but we are clearly not 'it'... somehow.

 Once you understand the 'personal dilemma' then all dilemmas are seen in the same light as they all have the same source in the one 'personal dilemma'... thus all dilemmas are resolved at once with understanding.   That's how you validate that you understand... by seeing through all dilemmas simultaneously with the view from impersonal being.   It's suddenly 'seen' that all conflicts are resolved in your mind with understanding.  No one has to tell you that... it's just understood.    So this is a valuable tool in evaluating progress towards understanding... just read the list and when they no longer are 'dilemmas'... you understand.

PS - resolving dilemmas doesn't 'solve' them... it just removes the conflict in ones mind because now we 'see' both sides of the dilemma simultaneously... so we 'understand' both sides now.  Problems still need to be dealt with but now it's done without inner conflict.    So they are 'simpler' to deal with... thus your success rate with problems goes up with understanding.  So it's an asset in phenomenal life as well as spiritual life.

PSS - the source of the 'personal' dilemma... the cause of it... is also seen as 'unknowable'... and realizing that leads to greater appreciation of the unknowable... and acceptance of that.

* Willfulness vs free will

* Detachment vs engagement

* Awareness vs consciousness

* Outer attention vs inner attention

* Imagination vs truth

* Desires vs needs

* Spiritual life vs phenomenal life

* Personal life vs impersonal life

* Personal confidence vs impersonal confidence

* Linear vs paradox

* Time vs timeless

* Complex vs simple

* The 'problem' vs the solution

* Concepts vs knowing

* Doing vs non-doing

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