Indicators of Progress

Leading Indicators of Progress

 Spiritual progress is often said to be a measure of detachment, happiness or joy but those are the fruit of practice... not necessarily the leading indicators of progress, which are more subtle.   It's important to keep these in mind so that progress is not discounted along the way as any encouragement is helpful.  

* Focused awareness leading to an ability to sustain efficiency and hard work.

* Paradoxical actions... as in:

     Less concern for the personal and more for the community as indicated by spontaneous anonymous acts of 'paying forward'.

     The flip side of this is greater inner attention or 'minding our own business' - as in inner business.   Paying forward to the community can be the paradoxical spontaneous fruit of inner attention.   Why?   Because we spontaneously appreciate the community more than ever now that our attention is inward... because personal concerns are in their proper place... it's a paradox.

* the exercise of will through self imposed discipline.

* the ability to act on what we know... IE free of doubts.

* the ability to act in an emergency with a calm, clear mind

* Being undefined... recognizing that and being comfortable with that.

* Understanding... seeing through dilemmas and false dichotomies of opposites.

* Independent mind - seeing through manipulation... greater discernment.

* Personal balance... body and mind.

* Rational mind... clearer thinking and appreciation for practicalities that were once overlooked.

* Creative problem solving using counter-intuitive solutions.

* Creative imagination... not only artistically but in practical matters as well.

* Deeper appreciation for quality of the local environment around our selves... not just the planet.    Why?   Because when you can 'see' past your nose you start to notice things around you.  All of a sudden... it's not all about 'you'.

NOTE: The biggest leading indicator of progress is the ability to 'see' past our own 'personal' opinions.   That's a paradox.  We still have opinions but we are not attached to them... we are able to 'see' past them... because opinions are not all that's 'on' now.    This is a leading indicator of detachment... detachment from our own 'personal' opinions.   Why?   Because now we have access to a source that knows better than our own 'personal' opinions.   A source that can 'see' beyond them.  So you're now 'seeing' beyond the personal.   It's obvious.   Why?   Because being has no opinions... about anything.

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