Progression of the Seeker

The Progressions on the Path

NOTE:  This blog is a spiritual practice in writing --- the author makes no claims of any 'spiritual attainments'.

 The following is a list pf progressions on the path which can be used as a 'troubleshooting' guide to guage ones progress.   These are not meant to be absolutes but rather 'tendencies' that are available to the seeker in varying degrees - and on multiple levels - on any given day and in any given situation.   So they are always in flux and should be seen in that light...  these are indicators... not necessarily static 'states'.   The seekers job is about building the momentum of spiritual tendencies which leads to the ability to turn the inner attention 'in'.   It's only the 'person' that wants or needs attainments.   Being is satisfied with itself.

 So 'progress' in this context, is seen as a 'progression' in the 'growth of tendencies'...  and they 'progress' from left to right... but 'progress' is often in the 'opposite' direction as well...

* Paradoxical dilemmas -----> seeing through 'dilemmas' with understanding -----> Universal Understanding

* Confusion about the problem and confusion about the solution -----> Understanding the problem and the solution -----> No problem

* Wants and needs -----> needs and preferences -----> minimal needs and preferences

* Linear view -----> Paradoxical view -----> Universal view

* Separate person -----> Individual being ------> Individual and Universal Being

* Personal willfulness -----> Individual will -----> Individual will subordinate to being -----> Surrender of individual will to Universal Will

   NOTE: That which is willfull will never surrender without a struggle because it's asking too much of a 'person'.   So developing individuality and individual will is essential to progress as only an individual can surrender it's own will... which is not seen as a 'defeat'... but the release of a burden.  Willfulness by it's nature is never surrendered without a fight.    An individual is more in touch with reality because it sees through the illusion of a separate person.   So seeing reality is essential to being willing to cooperate with that which we surrender to.   As long as we are deluded it will be a struggle when confronted with the greater reality.

* Personal work ----->  Spiritual practice -----> Self Mastery -----> Detached Witnessing & Understanding -----> Self Realization -----> Enlightenment

* Inner attention on the outer -----> Inner attention on inner & outer -----> Inner absorption of inner attention

* Holding on ------> Letting go -----> Surrender of will

* Linear Time through projecting the past into the future -----> Releasing attachment to the past -----> Moving Moment (IE: moving forward in the 'moment'- it's a paradox) -----> Timelessness

* Inflexible resistive -----> Flexible & adaptive ------> Universal adaptability & non-resistivity

* Personal problems and dramas -----> Impersonal situations and adventures -----> Living as the answer to all problems

* Distracted & unfocused person -----> Focused individual -----> Universal and individual focus

   NOTE: Focus is required because being is the hardest 'thing' to 'see'.

* Uphill climb & Hard work -----> Efforting -----> Non-efforting or Effortless unlimited effort
* Reactions -----> Responses -----> Consistent responses

* Personal opinions -----> 'Opinions' informed by knowing, impersonal being... so they carry more weight but they are not infallible -----> seeing 'through' personal opinions -------------> "Opinions" are Knowledge.  

   NOTE:  The more confident these beings are of their knowledge the more 'uncompromising' they can appear about what they know.  So they can appear as flexible and adaptable to changing outer situations and less and less compromising on what is known... which appears as a paradox as the advancing being can appear as rigid at times to the 'person' who relies solely on fallible beliefs.   It's similar to 'tough love' in that sense.    The flexible being see's flexibility as an asset in adapting to the phenomenal world as this minimizes distractions by minimizing attachement to the past.   But this individual can be less likely to indulge the lack of understanding by others... thus the paradoxical appearance to those around them.  
 Also, an impersonal ego is one that is not distracted but informed by focused being... so it appears as a 'strong ego'... which is true in the sense that 'that' which is employing the ego is stronger and more focused... thus the appearance of strength.   Strength in this context is lack of doubt as knowing has no doubts.   But it's the same ego... different animating source.

* Personal consciousness -----> Individual impersonal awareness & personal consciousness -----> Universal consciousness and awareness dwarfs the individual.

* Belief -----> Beliefs informed by Knowing understanding -----> Knowledge

* It's all about me -----> It's not all about me -----> It's all 'me'... so to speak.

So... if 90% of the problem is we don't know when the problem is...

  What are the Leading Indicators that we're asleep...

* It's all about me.

* Unable to 'see' past our own beliefs and opinions.

* Projecting the past.

* Only aware of the personal.   Being is absent.

* Only capable of personalized reactions.

* Unresolved dilemmas.

* Inflexible and resistive.  

* Distracted and unfocused.

* Inner attention only on outer things.

 It's simple...  but these symptoms can (and will) occur even to someone who is making progress... but it still pays to know the signs so the turnarounds can be quicker.   Knowledge of the problem is a time saver... but not all there is to the solution.  The solution is to keep practicing once we see the problem is 'back'... so to speak.

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