In and Out Mind

In and Out Mind

All waves travel in 2 directions simultaneously and since the mind is a wave like phenomena it too is always traveling inward and outward at the same time.

Why are we not taught this?

 Implosion can not exist without explosion and explosion can not exist without implosion. They are 2 sides of the same wave. Every wave is constantly imploding and exploding and that includes the waves that our minds are made of.

 Now if you want to take this further, according to our model of reality, the whole world is a wave like phenomena and therefore everything you see is imploding and exploding simultaneously. What we see is the static representation of that but in reality the wave like reality is the balance between expansion and contraction of energy. We call that ‘matter’.   We call 'them' thoughts.

 So everything we look at is actually not static but in flux - in and out - simultaneously, and it is endless and infinite.  For inspiration along these lines see the videos of the Mandelbrot Zoom regression.

 So to contemplate this is a spiritual practice in itself as it has the potential to alter ones perception and bring one back to center… to balance the mind. Up till now we have been told of only half that picture and the result is an entire world of unbalanced minds craving for that one thing to bring them back to balance.  Just to know this about ones self and the world is enough to change your view of the world... because now you’re grounded in the infinite... as it should be.

 This lack of grounding in the infinite is destabilizing and has created a world that is literally ‘exploding’ at the seams in every conceivable way. If the world is going to find its way back to balance it first has to balance the source of this exploding world… and one way to do that is through appreciation of the infinite imploding side of the mind. We act out our view of the mind. So if we change our view of the mind… all else is open to change. And change - change for the better - is the one thing we all would like to see.

 So if you take the time to contemplate this just contemplate that every thought that comes to you... everything you see... is rooted in the infinite...  literally.   It's enough to stop you in your tracks... and that's what balancing feels like.   Then if you take this new view 'about' with you it's like a moving meditation.   It alters you... in a healthy way.

 PS - so now you have a view of the world that shifts your view of reality... you literally, in your mind, have an experience of the true nature of the mind - and matter - and reality...  So your view is informing you now.  It just doesn't get any more 'real' or convincing than that.   Now you don't need anyone to tell you what's real as your experience tells you what's real.   So you've 'cut out the middleman' so to speak and have gone directly to the source - the source that was there the whole time... in all times.

 It just doesn't get any better than that...

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